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Heat Pump Repair in Phoenix

Get Your Heat Pump Repaired by a Phoenix Pro

No one likes to run into a problem with their heating system - we get it - especially when you most need it. That is why the pros at Patrick Riley make it their duty to provide you with quality repair service
to ensure all your needs are met and resolved. With our routine heat pump repair service, we
can fully restore its functionality, energy efficiency and boost its performance.

What Your Heat Pump Repair Includes:

  • Licensed Phoenix Technicians
  • Emergency, 24 Hour Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Upfront Pricing
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Cost To Repair a Heat Pump in Phoenix, AZ

  1. Price Range

    In Phoenix, the cost to repair a heat pump ranges anywhere from $60 to over $1,000 - while the average price per repair runs around $320.

  2. Depends On The Issue

    Yes, we understand that’s a wide price range, but asking the specific cost for a heat pump repair is like asking how much a car repair costs, it all depends on what’s wrong with your system. 

  3. Common Heat Pump Issues

    When looking at a heat pump, there are a number of factors that contribute to the problem. Click here to view the top common heat pump repairs along with their average prices.

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Same-Day Service Available

repaired my unit in an hour

I am a past customer of Patrick Riley and have been very happy with them. Will just left my home and was very professional, made recommendations, and repaired my unit in an hour. I have just signed up for their lifetime package. I highly recommend them.

- Lynne
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If you're not 100% happy with our work the first time, we’ll redo the job on our own dime.

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