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Is Your AC Not Blowing Strong Enough? Possible Problems Based on 4 Odd Behaviors

May 12, 2022

If your AC unit struggles to keep up with the heat, it can keep you from cooling your home through hot and sticky Arizona days. Once you notice something isn’t right with your unit, call for air conditioning repairs or a replacement as soon as possible. In the meantime, let’s understand why your unit may not be working right.

Common AC Problems Based on Behaviors

Air conditioners run just like miniature cars. They require various internal parts that need to work seamlessly together for the machine to run smoothly. Also, like cars, they need proper maintenance on a regular basis. Failing to conduct maintenance means your conditioner will age badly and not last as long as you’d like.

With that said, there are various problems that air conditioners encounter.

AC Isn’t Turning On

Perhaps you’ve tried to start up your air conditioner for the first time this year, yet nothing works. You can’t see the fan spin or hear its motor, and there are no signs of life inside. Many homeowners often jump to the conclusion that the unit might be “dead.” In actuality, there could simply be a disconnection keeping the AC fromstarting, which is hard to notice for those inexperienced at tinkering with their unit. More often than not, this is the typical answer to “Why isn’t my AC turning on?”

To start, try these easy fixes:

  1. Tripped circuit breaker: Often, you can simply turn it back on if the switch leading to your AC is in the “OFF” position.
  2. Blown fuse: A fuse could be blown, which would mean your AC is failing to receive any power from your fuse box. If you can’t fix this fuse on your own, our Arizona HVAC experts will be happy to assist you.
  3. Thermostat connection: If you own a more modern air conditioner, it could be failing to connect with your thermostat for whatever reason, so your thermostat either may need new batteries or a better connection to your AC.

When to call for services: An AC that won’t run can also be caused by a more serious issue, such as a motor failure. If it’s a wiring connection, Patrick Riley HVAC technicians in Phoenix can help rewire your thermostat. Schedule a service call in the event that you're not able to turn your unit back on by yourself.

AC Works, but Not Well

Maybe you’ve heard a difference in how your AC runs. It may suddenly become noisy, or the silent humming that you remember has gotten louder. Air conditioners can produce all kinds of unusual noises from screeching to clanking. A noisy AC is never a good sign, and it should be addressed as soon as possible.

When your AC is loud, it often indicates the parts inside are wearing out. Possible reasons for a loud air conditioner can range from a clogged filter to a worn-out or broken belt. For ACs that have been in service for a long time, they could even need a proper cleaning or lubrication.

Air conditioners can also get loud due to a lack of performance from the machine itself. If your AC isn’t blowing strong enough, something inside can cause the unit to not work as effectively to provide the right amount of cooling power. When this happens, the machine will tend to work harder, leading to wear and tear on parts inside.

When to call for services: Unless you have the knowledge and skills to fix internal problems with your air conditioner by yourself, you should schedule an AC repair when loud noises from your unit persist. In most cases, these sounds do not go away on their own.

AC Not Blowing Strong or Not Blowing at All

Your AC might be working and sounding normally, but for some reason, you notice your AC isn’t blowing hard through your vents like it used to. This usually is a better sign than if you’re hearing loud noises, but it’s still a problem that a Phoenix technician should look into if you can’t fix the problem on your own.

When your AC is blowing little to no air through your ventilation system, the most common problem would be a weak airflow caused by some sort of obstruction or leak. If your AC’s filter is clogged, you’ll either need to clean or replace it. If your filter isn’t the problem, your air duct could be the source of the clog—or it might be leaking air. Either scenario can keep you from getting the airflow you want from your grilles or registers.

Another way your AC can fail to blow air is if its coils are frozen over. Something can happen in which your coils freeze when the refrigerant cools them. Your AC depends on air passing through these coils, but it won’t be possible if they get encased in ice.

When to call for services: If there’s a limit in how much air is flowing through your AC or vent system, schedule a visit with Patrick Riley. Whether you need a new filter or repairs in your ductwork, we know how to diagnose and solve various problems for when a unit can only blow little to no air at a time.

AC Works, but Blows Hot Air

Some Arizona homeowners have a hybrid HVAC system that can provide either cool or warm air whenever they need it. There is a problem, however, if you have an air conditioner that blows warm air when it’s supposed to be cool.

An AC works when the compressor and refrigerant cools its coils. During this process, however, the AC needs to create heat in order for it to produce the energy necessary to make gas from refrigerant. If something in this process goes wrong, chances are that the coils will stay hot, and the fan will disperse warmer air when the AC is running.

Warm air can also be caused by a lack of refrigerant in your air conditioner. This means that your unit has little or no cooling supply, so you’ll need to have it refilled.

You might also experience problems if your heating unit is blowing cold air. This can occur when your fan is blowing cold outdoor air into your home with nothing being used to heat it.

When to call for services: Having an AC that is blowing warm air is a clear sign that your unit needs repairs or assistance. If you’re certain that your machine just needs a refill, you can buy AC refrigerant and refilling kits online, though a Patrick Riley HVAC technician in Phoenix is happy to help you if you feel uncertain about working on your AC. Schedule a repair visit today.

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Ty Lindsay is the Director of Field Operations at Patrick Riley | Isley’s and a 15-year veteran of the plumbing and HVAC trades. In 2010, Ty earned his Journeyman’s plumbing license. He became a Master Plumber five years later and earned his Journeyman HVAC technician’s license that same year. Ty’s breadth of knowledge in plumbing and HVAC includes both residential and commercial work. He’s been a loyal member of the Patrick Riley | Isley’s team since 2016.