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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Water Heater in Phoenix?

June 26, 2018

Updated June 2024

Need a water heater repair?

If so, price is probably the first question on your mind. So here’s that answer: The cost to repair a tank water heater in Phoenix ranges from $100 to $300.

Now you’re probably wondering where your repair will fall in that big price range. What you’ll end up paying depends on the following factors:

  1. The type of repair (the part + labor)
  2. Your water heater warranty
  3. The Phoenix contractor you hire

Let’s go into more detail about each of these factors...

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Factor #1: The type of repair (the part + labor)

Water heater repairs vary a great deal in price depending on 2 things:

  • The cost of the part itself
  • The labor

Some water heater parts cost more than others. And some tank water heater repairs take longer than others or are more complex, which makes them more expensive.

So without a plumber looking at your water heater and diagnosing the problem, there’s no way to give you an exact quote of what you’ll pay.

However, to give you an estimate of what you could pay, below are some common water heater repairs in Phoenix with the cost to fix them (including parts + labor). We’ve also included an image that labels where many of these parts are located in a (gas) tank water heater.

  • Relighting the gas pilot light — $100 to $250
  • Replacing thermocouple — $300 to $500
  • Replacing pressure relief valve — $750 to $1,250
  • Replacing a corroded anode rod — $200 to $400
  • Installing new heating element (for electric water heaters, not pictured above) — $350 to $550
  • Fixing leaks — $200 to $2,000+ (usually it’s best to replace the water heater altogether if you have severe leaks)

Note: If your tank water heater is 10+ years old and your repair is $500+, we usually recommend replacing your water heater.

Some of these tank water heater repairs are expensive. The good news? Your water heater warranty may cover at least a portion of the repair cost...

Factor #2: Your water heater warranty

If your water heater is covered under warranty, you won’t have to pay as much for a repair. You see, water heaters can be covered by 2 types of warranties:

  • Manufacturer warranty: When a water heater is first installed it usually comes with a 5 or 6-year limited warranty that covers replacement parts due to manufacturer defects. However, you’re usually responsible for the cost of labor (unless your water heater breaks within the first year, then the manufacturer will usually cover the part and labor).
  • Labor warranty: If you’ve had a repair on your water heater within the past year, most plumbers will offer a 1-year warranty on that particular repair/part.

So how do you know if a water heater repair is covered under warranty?

Manufacturer warranty: Search for the warranty on the manufacturer's website (you may need your water heater model number) or contact the contractor who installed your water heater. They’ll have your water heater’s warranty info and can inform you about what’s covered.

Note: Most manufacturers will consider your warranty invalid if you failed to do the following:

  • Register your water heater within 6 months of its installation
  • Regularly have a certified plumber maintain your water heater (at least once per year)
  • Meet the manufacturer's guidelines for any previous repairs on your water heater

Labor warranty: Contact the plumber who last repaired your water heater to see if your repair is covered.

Factor #3: The Phoenix contractor you hire

The plumber you hire to repair your tank water heater will greatly affect what you’ll pay.

You see, not all plumbers here in Phoenix provide the same quality of work; some are more experienced, which generally means they charge more for their services.

But don’t let a higher price deter you from hiring a quality plumber. Remember, you get what you pay for. And in the long run, it pays to hire an experienced contractor who repairs your water heater right the first time.

If you hire an inexperienced contractor, you could run into issues like…

  • Similar future repairs in the near future
  • Voiding your water heater warranty (if the repair isn’t done according to the manufacturer's specifications)
  • Higher energy bills, if the part is installed incorrectly

How to find the best plumber in Phoenix

Use the following checklist to aid your search for experienced plumbers in the Phoenix area.

  • Verify they are licensed and insured (Hint: If they have a Better Business Bureau profile, that means they are licensed, bonded and insured).
  • Check their online customer reviews (on sites like Google Reviews, Yelp and Facebook) to make sure they do quality work and leave their customers satisfied.
  • Make sure they give you an upfront estimate in writing before they start the repair. This means they are trustworthy and will stick to their original price after the project is over.

Need a water heater repair in Phoenix?

Or give us a call today. We’ll send over one of our certified and trusted plumbers to fix your water heater ASAP.

We offer…

  • Polite, professional plumbers
  • Upfront pricing
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

See what other plumbing repairs we offer by visiting our plumbing repair service page.

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By Ty Lindsay

Ty Lindsay is the Director of Field Operations at Patrick Riley | Isley’s and a 15-year veteran of the plumbing and HVAC trades. In 2010, Ty earned his Journeyman’s plumbing license. He became a Master Plumber five years later and earned his Journeyman HVAC technician’s license that same year. Ty’s breadth of knowledge in plumbing and HVAC includes both residential and commercial work. He’s been a loyal member of the Patrick Riley | Isley’s team since 2016.