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How Much Does Drain Clearing & Sewer Clearing Cost in Phoenix?

June 22, 2023

Updated June 2024

Having a clog in your pipes because of stuck food, hair, or lingering debris can really slow down (and stink up) your day! Clogged drains, slow-moving drains, and standing water in sinks and showers can attract insects, grow bacteria, and can be all-around unpleasant and inconvenient for Arizona homeowners. If you have frequent clogs in your shower, toilet, or bathroom sink, it may be time to have your drain cleared. If you’re noticing dirty water backing up from multiple plumbing fixtures, request a same-day sewer inspection with a Patrick Riley | Isley’s Plumbing expert to plan for sewer clearing and sewer line repair.

The average cost for drain clearing and sewer clearing in Phoenix can range anywhere from $100–$400. While that’s quite a range, there are several factors that will determine your exact cost:

  • The location of the clog
  • The severity of the clog
  • Unexpected issues
  • The plumber you hire

To get an exact price of drain clearing or sewer clearing, you’ll need to speak with a certified plumber. Our guide will give you a general idea of how much it will cost to clear your sewer by discussing the details of the cost factors listed above. If you’d prefer to speak with a plumber now, contact us!

Cost Factor #1: The Location of the Clog

The location of your clog is the biggest factor that will impact the price of clearing your sewer. There are two types of sewer lines in your home—the main line and secondary lines.

Main line: All of your faucets and fixtures drain into your main sewer line. A sure sign of a main line clog is when multiple drains in your home back up all at once (e.g., if you flush your toilet and your sink backs up with sewage).

With main line clogs, a professional plumber will often have to use a camera to inspect and pinpoint the exact location of the clog to determine how to best repair your sewer line. Depending on how far down the line the clog is, your price could increase and sewer line repairs may be needed.

Secondary lines: There are multiple secondary sewer lines in your home that connect to sink drains, shower drains, and toilet lines. Secondary lines carry wastewater from these sources into the main line.

Secondary lines aren’t impacted by clogs in other secondary lines. When there’s a clog in a secondary line like a sink drain, you’ll still be able to use the plumbing everywhere else in the home because the lines aren’t connected. These types of clogs are the easiest and least expensive to repair when you request drain clearing or sewer clearing services.

Cost Factor #2: Type and Severity of the Clog

The cost of sewer clearing is determined on how severe your clog is or how difficult it is to clear. Clogs caused by fats, oils, or grease buildup often form large clogs and can be difficult to remove. If a clog is very large or hard to clear, a plumber may have to use more expensive tools, like a water jetter, to clear the clog. The use of expensive equipment will increase the overall cost of sewer clearing and repair.

Clogs from hair, food, toilet paper, or hygiene products stuck in your drain line are easier to remove. Plumbing snakes or drain clearing cable machines can clear your drains and have them flowing again quickly and with less expense.

Cost Factor #3: Unexpected Sewer Line Issues

Most of your plumbing is either behind your walls or under your house and lawn. This makes it difficult to know exactly what plumbing issues you’re facing until a professional takes a look. Sometimes, your plumber may uncover a rusted pipe or a clog that has caused a pipe to burst or leak. Repairing this type of damage adds to the cost of sewer clearing services, but it’s a necessary step in preventing additional damage to your sewer system.

If a clog has caused any additional damage, such as water damage to your home, it will also result in a higher sewer line repair cost. If a clog is left for too long, it can cause pressure to build within your pipes, resulting in leaks. Repairs to your drywall may be necessary, and this is something to take into account when you consider the overall cost of repairing your sewer.

Cost Factor #4: The Plumber You Hire

A contractor who provides high-quality work or is more experienced will be more expensive than a contractor that has a lower labor rate.

When it comes to having your sewer cleared or repaired, it’s important to find a quality, licensed plumber who will do the job thoroughly and safely instead of accepting someone less qualified who will offer the lowest rate. An inexperienced plumber or someone who is trying to get a job done quickly may not fully unclog your drain and could cause damage to your plumbing that will cost you in the long run.

When looking for a quality plumber, you should look for someone who

  • Is licensed and insured: You can usually find this information on a company’s website or on the company’s BBB profile.
  • Is experienced: Look into how many years of experience they have in your area and whether other homeowners trust them.
  • Has good reviews: Check for reviews on sites like the BBB, Angi and Google.
  • Will provide an upfront written estimate: Work with an honest company that’s going to provide you with a clear quote before any work begins—that way, you’ll know exactly what you’ll end up paying.

How to Avoid Costly Repairs: Be Aware of What Goes in Your Drains

You can help prevent clogs in your main sewer line or lessen their severity by making sure that no one flushes or washes harmful items down the drain. Severe clogs are typically caused by heavy sludge from fat, oil, or grease buildup or from big tree roots, requiring work beyond drain clearing. Properly disposing of your cooking oils and removing trees that may interfere with your plumbing are great ways to prevent damage to your system and the need for costly repairs to your sewer line. Learn how to dispose of hazardous waste.

Have Your Drains and Sewer Cleared by Experts You Can Trust—Call Patrick Riley | Isley’s Plumbing

When you need a trusted team of plumbers for drain clearing or main line sewer clearing, Patrick Riley | Isley’s Plumbing has you covered. Arizona homeowners across the valley trust us as their go-to plumbers whenever they need help. Don’t just take our word for it, though—check out what our customers have to say.

Written by: Patrick Riley Cooling, Heating, & Plumbing

Originally published: July 29, 2020

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By Ty Lindsay

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