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Should I Turn Off My Air Conditioner When I Go On Vacation?

July 29, 2020

Worried about an expensive electricity bill when you get back from your vacation?

We don’t blame you—there’s no sense in paying for cool air if you’re away.

At the same time, there’s nothing worse than coming home from vacation to a sweltering house that’s been baked in the desert sun.

Here’s our advice: Instead of turning your AC off completely, turn your thermostat up 10° to 15° from your normal temperature. You’ll still save money compared to what you’d be spending if you remained at home and you’ll also protect your home from extreme heat while you’re away.

In this blog, we’ll go into more detail about why turning your thermostat up is usually a better solution than shutting off your AC entirely.

Why we recommend leaving your AC on while you’re away

Shutting your air conditioner off while you’re away will eliminate your cooling costs totally, but it will also significantly raise the temperature inside your home—especially if your home has poor insulation.

Excessive indoor heat can lead to possible problems such as:

  • Damaged electronics
  • Extra stress on refrigerator and freezer
  • Dried-out artwork
  • Ruined household items (in extreme heat candles can melt, aerosol cans can burst, etc.)

Raising your thermostat 10° to 15° reduces the risk of these problems, and also saves you money on your utility bill.

Of course, one exception to our temperature recommendation is if you have pets. To keep your pets comfortable while you’re away, you should leave the temperature around 75° to 78°.

Get total temperature control with a smart thermostat

Ideally, you’d like to come home to a cool house after your vacation.

A smart thermostat can make that happen. Smart thermostats have WiFi technology, which allows them to be controlled remotely. Using a smartphone app, you can adjust the thermostat or check the temperature at any time.

When you’re an hour or so away from arriving home, you can set the thermostat to your normal temperature. Your AC will start cooling your home and by the time you walk in the door, your home will be at a comfortable temperature.

Want to learn more about smart thermostats?

Our comfort specialists can answer any questions and give you more information about how a smart thermostat could benefit your home.

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    By Ty Lindsay

    Ty Lindsay is the Director of Field Operations at Patrick Riley | Isley’s and a 15-year veteran of the plumbing and HVAC trades. In 2010, Ty earned his Journeyman’s plumbing license. He became a Master Plumber five years later and earned his Journeyman HVAC technician’s license that same year. Ty’s breadth of knowledge in plumbing and HVAC includes both residential and commercial work. He’s been a loyal member of the Patrick Riley | Isley’s team since 2016.