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What's the Cost to Install a Sump Pump in Phoenix?

August 24, 2020

If you need a new sump pump, you want to know how much it is going to cost.

In Phoenix, the cost to install a sump pump ranges from $300 to $1,100.

We know—that’s a big price range. The price can vary within that range because a sump pump installation depends on several factors.

Factors that directly affect the cost to install a sump pump include:

  • The type of sump pump you choose
  • The size of the sump pump
  • Whether you need to install or upgrade a reservoir
  • Whether or not you opt for a backup battery
  • The plumbing contractor you hire

We’ll go into more detail about each of these factors below to give you a better idea of what you could pay for your sump pump installation.


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Factor #1: The type of sump pump you choose

You can purchase 2 types of sump pumps:

  1. A submersible sump pump is enclosed in waterproof casing, which means the pump can sit inside the sump reservoir.
  2. A pedestal sump pump sits above the sump reservoir and pumps water via a hose or pipe that goes down into the basin.

Submersible sump pumps are more expensive than pedestal sump pumps. This is because a submersible unit itself costs more and usually requires more labor to install.

However, compared to pedestal sump pumps, submersible models are quieter, less likely to clog and take up less space.

The plumber you consult with for your sump pump installation can recommend which type of sump pump will work best for your home.

Factor #2: The size of the sump pump

When we talk about the “size” of a sump pump, we’re referring to the horsepower of the pump motor.

Sump pumps with higher horsepower cost more than less-powerful pumps. Most residential sump pumps range from ¼ to 1 horsepower.

Your home may require a bigger, more powerful sump pump if…

  • Water pools in your yard for more than a day after rain
  • Your yard slopes towards your house
  • Your home is especially prone to flooding

The plumber you consult with can determine what size sump pump you need for your home.

Factor #3: Whether you need to install or upgrade a reservoir

If you need to install a brand new basin or upgrade your existing reservoir, you can expect to pay more for the installation because these jobs often require digging, which increases labor and restoration costs.

On the other hand, if you just replace your broken sump pump without modifying your current reservoir, you will pay less overall for the installation.

A plumbing professional can inspect your current reservoir and determine whether it needs any modifications or upgrades.

Factor #4: Whether or not you opt for a backup battery

Adding a backup battery to your sump pump will raise the overall cost, but it will also give you peace of mind if your power ever goes out.

You see, if the power goes out during a storm and you don’t have a backup battery, your sump pump won’t work. This puts your home at risk of flooding and expensive water damage. Adding a backup battery ensures your sump pump will run even if power is temporarily shut off.

The plumber you consult with to install your sump pump can recommend backup battery options.

Factor #5: The plumbing contractor you hire

In general, experienced plumbing contractors charge more for sump pump installations. That said, experienced contractors also do high-quality work, which means your sump pump will likely be installed correctly.

On the other hand, hiring an inexperienced or shady plumber (who may offer lower costs) could mean you’ll end up with a sloppy or incorrect installation. If your sump pump is installed incorrectly and doesn’t work properly as a result, your home could experience flooding and expensive water damage.

Before hiring a plumbing contractor, make sure the contractor...

  • Has a valid plumbing license
  • Offers written estimates (in writing)
  • Has at least 10 years of experience
  • Has good online customer reviews (on sites such as Better Business Bureau, Angi and Google)

If the plumbing contractor meets the criteria above, they have the needed experience to do the job and will likely do high-quality installation work.

Want a quote to install a sump pump in your Phoenix home?

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By Ty Lindsay

Ty Lindsay is the Director of Field Operations at Patrick Riley | Isley’s and a 15-year veteran of the plumbing and HVAC trades. In 2010, Ty earned his Journeyman’s plumbing license. He became a Master Plumber five years later and earned his Journeyman HVAC technician’s license that same year. Ty’s breadth of knowledge in plumbing and HVAC includes both residential and commercial work. He’s been a loyal member of the Patrick Riley | Isley’s team since 2016.