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Sump Pump Repairs and Replacements in Phoenix, AZ

Fast Sump Pump Repairs & Installs—Done the Right Way

Living in Phoenix means dealing with extreme rain sometimes. To help keep your home dry, the experts at Patrick Riley | Isley's can install a sump pump, which is a device that pumps unwanted water away from your home. And if you're having an issue with your sump pump, our honest and licensed plumbers will arrive ASAP to take care of your issue.

When you hire us, you're hiring peace of mind because we'll install a dependable or repair your sump pump correctly—the first time around.

We also offer:

  • Upfront, honest pricing

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work

  • Flexible scheduling

  • 4.7 star rating on Google…

What's Included

Your sump pump repair or install includes:

  • An Assessment

    If you need a sump pump installation, our plumbers will assess your home to determine what type and size of sump pump would work best for your home and needs. If you need a sump pump repair, our plumbers will inspect your current unit to see what the issue is.

  • Upfront pricing

    Before our plumbers start any work, they'll provide you with an honest, upfront price to repair or install your sump pump. The quote you get from our plumber is exactly what you'll pay. You won't receive any surprises with your final bill.

  • Flexible financing options

    Worried about affording your sump pump repair or installation? Our flexible financing can help. Our financing is set up to be convenient with monthly payment options.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

    We care about your customer experience. If you aren't totally happy with your sump pump repair or installation, we'll redo the project on our own dime.


Sump pump repair or install cost in Phoenix

Low: $1,000
Average: $1,800
High: $3,500+
Pricing Curve

Factors that affect the cost of your sump pump repair or install:

  • Whether you're installing a sump pump for the first time - If you're installing a sump pump for the first time, you may need to have modifications made to your plumbing system and possible upgrades made to your electrical system. You may also need to have a reservoir dug to collect unwanted water, which can increase the cost of your sump pump installation by $1,000-$3,500+. However, most homes with basements already have a sump pump reservoir.
  • The type of sump pump - You can install a submersible sump pump or a pedestal sump pump. The main difference between the two types is that a submersible sump pump is designed to get wet, and it sits inside of a reservoir. Meanwhile, a pedestal sump pump sits above a reservoir. Submersible sump pumps cost more to install because they're quieter, clog less frequently and take up less space. A Patrick Riley | Isley's plumber can help you choose the type of sump pump that's best for your needs.
  • The power of the sump pump - Sump pump motors with more horsepower cost more to install than less powerful pumps. Your home may need a more powerful sump pump if you have a yard that slopes towards your home or if your home is prone to flooding during monsoon season.
  • Whether you want to add a backup battery - Most sump pumps are hooked up to your home's electrical system. So, if the power goes out, your sump pump will no longer work. Adding a backup battery to your sump pump will increase your installation cost but can provide peace of mind in the event that your power shuts off.
  • The difficulty of the repair - Depending on the sump pump part that is defective, you might end up paying more for the repair. For example, repairing a sump pump's switch, float or check valve will be cheaper than fixing a motor. Oftentimes, if the sump pump motor has issues, the cost to replace just the motor will cost almost as much as replacing the entire unit. Contact Patrick Riley | Isley's for honest repair recommendations.

How Scheduling Works

Schedule your sump pump repair or installation in 3 steps

  1. Contact us

    Schedule an appointment online or give us a call at (602) 280-1793.

  2. Choose a day and time

    We're flexible and do our best to work around your schedule. On average, we'll be in-and-out in an hour for your sump pump repair or installation so you can get back to the things that matter.

  3. Get a reminder call

    When our plumber is 30 minutes away, they'll give you a courtesy call to let you know they're on their way.

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