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At Patrick Riley | Isley's, we're all about providing excellent customer service, not about up-selling you on systems or expensive repairs you don't need. Whether you need a small AC repair or a completely new furnace installation, we will take the time to understand your situation and provide you with solutions that fit your needs and budget.

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Customer story in Cave Creek

Replacing a Clogged AC Filter


When Cave Creek homeowner, Nancy, noticed warm air coming from her vents during the summer, she reached out to Patrick Riley | Isley's for help.


We sent Matt, one of our pros, to diagnose the issue and help Nancy with any necessary repairs. After taking a look at her system, Matt noticed that her air filter was clogged and her air ducts were dirty. This was preventing proper airflow to her AC system, which resulted in warmer air coming from her AC system. Matt took the time to explain the situation to Nancy and replaced her air filter as well as cleaned the metal return grate. He also educated Nancy on the process of having her air ducts professionally cleaned as well as discussed the potential cost, in case she wanted to consider this service in the future. By the time Matt left Nancy's home, her AC system was blowing cool air and her home was just as clean as we'd found it.

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"After entering my home he explained his process and answered all my questions...If I need future repairs or replacement, I most certainly would call upon Matt."

Matt called prior to his visit. Upon arrival his uniform and personal appearance was impeccable. After entering my home he explained his process and answered all my questions. He placed a new filter in my return and went the extra mile and cleaned the metal grate. He also showed me the duct dirt by using a paper towel, then explained the process of getting them cleaned as well as an approximate cost. I found him to be very thorough outside and in my attic. He advised he lived in my same vicinity and said I could request him for future potential issues. If I need future repairs or replacement, I most certainly would call upon Matt.

- Nancy O. from Cave Creek, AZ

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